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The Story Behind Your Pilates Physio

Your Pilates Physio is a unique online Clinical Pilates resource created by highly experienced physiotherapist Lyndsay Hirst.

Lyndsay is a chartered, state-registered UK physiotherapist with over a decade of experience helping people overcome physical injuries and conditions such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain.

She qualified as a physiotherapist in 2003 and started her career working for the NHS. Her passion for treating musculoskeletal problems grew as did her dedication to further her knowledge. She soon found Pilates exercises to be a superbly effective solution for addressing and preventing many of the issues her patients were experiencing. She has since gained a lot of clinical Pilates and clinical yoga qualifications and has been teaching her own classes since 2006.

Lyndsay owns a very successful physiotherapy practice with an onsite Pilates studio, which was established in 2010. She knows how much of an impact injury and pain can have on the human body and has been able to use her knowledge to create her own unique Pilates exercises programmes that have helped so many of her patients.

Moving Clinical Pilates Online

Despite helping so many people with pain and injuries from her UK studio, Lyndsay wanted to make professional, clinical Pilates more accessible and saw the Internet as the best way to do so. This is how the idea for the Your Pilates Physio website came to be.

Our style of clinical Pilates combines adapted Pilates exercises, clinical yoga and physiotherapy exercises that Lyndsay has used over the years to help thousands of her patients. Through accessible workout videos, Lyndsay delivers 30-minute high quality Pilates classes for you to do in the comfort of your own home.

Using her extensive knowledge as a physiotherapist, Lyndsay has designed these workouts so they are safe for anyone with spinal problems, hip pain, pelvic issues, neck pain or for people who simply want to enjoy Pilates. When you register for your free 14 day trial you will be directed to a health questionnaire to allow you to let us know if you have any specific back problems; that way we can tailor make a programme of workouts designed just for you.

There are many health benefits to doing these workouts. Lyndsay has found during her many years of teaching clinical Pilates and yoga that these core workouts can also be a great way to prevent injury and improve posture.

‘So many of my patients have been coming to my clinical Pilates classes for years with several never missing a session! They get so much out of the sessions and it has helped them in so many different ways. By setting up these online classes I am hoping to help many others with back problems help themselves and gain strength in their core to improve their quality of life’.
Lyndsay Hirst,
Creator of Your Pilates Physio

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