Clinical Pilates Workout At Home: Online Video Courses

Your Pilates Physio is the only place where you can access a huge library of expert-led physio Pilates classes to do at home or anywhere. Our Clinical Pilates online workouts are suitable for anyone, including any age and ability.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is different from regular Pilates practice as it is led by a qualified physiotherapist, who has a deeper knowledge of the body and its injuries/pathologies, including how this can affect the movement of the body. Clinical Pilates is particularly effective for people with an injuries or pain-related conditions, as exercises are adapted to take this into account and help with pain management and recovery.

Clinical Pilates Workouts

All these video workouts have been created by UK physiotherapist Lyndsay Hirst. Lyndsay's extensive knowledge of the human body means she can talk you through how to properly train the core stabilising muscles with Pilates exercises to reduce back pain, improve core strength, and improve your posture, among other benefits. She can also guide you on how to properly stretch the back, hips, neck and shoulders without causing more pain.

We offer online Pilates workouts to help with a range of symptoms and conditions, including:

Pilates for Pain Management

Clinical Pilates workouts are ideal for those suffering from pain and conditions with painful symptoms. We have specialised Pilates workouts for back pain (including lower back pain and upper back pain), neck pain, shoulder pain, the hip and groin area, and pelvic pain. Through targeting the area of pain and those surrounding it, the right Pilates exercises can help ease your symptoms and prevent future instances of pain. These online resources are the best way to manage and alleviate your pain without further exacerbating it.

Pilates for Health and Wellbeing

Clinical Pilates is all about promoting better health and wellbeing for everyone, as well as addressing specific areas of pain and pre-existing conditions. Pilates can help you with core strength, toning and weight loss, posture, stability, and more. Pilates is also great for relieving stress and tension in the mind as well as the body; our relaxation workout is just the ticket when you want to destress. Feel stronger, more flexible, better aligned, happier and healthier with Pilates!

Pilates for Injury Recovery

It can be difficult to know how to recover from an injury effectively without further exacerbating it or causing other issues in the process. With a tailored online Pilates course from a physiotherapist, you can work towards your recovery goals with the guidance of a professional. We have courses for injury rehabilitation, sports injuries, and injury prevention. In addition to recovering from injuries, Clinical Pilates can be very beneficial for ongoing conditions such as spinal stenosis, disc problems, sciatica, arthritis, hypermobility, and spondylolisthesis.

Everyday Pilates Workouts

Looking for an everyday Pilates workout with the added benefits of a clinical knowledge of the body? You’ve come to the right place! In addition to our specialist exercises for pain management and injury recovery, we also offer a range of workouts for when you’re looking for a Pilates class with a more general focus. Try out our Pilates for Beginners, Advanced Pilates, and General Pilates workouts to feel stronger and more flexible with a balanced workout.

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This taster workout will take you through a typical beginner level routine. It is safe to do if you have a back problem.

If you want full access to our library of workouts please start our 14 day free trial

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