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Individual Pilates Videos

All of our videos are filmed in 4K, which is the highest quality possible. We use multiple camera angles to capture the right angle at the right time so you as the viewer can see exactly what you need to do. Our library of videos is constantly growing, with a new videos added every two weeks. We have videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced experience levels. The length of our videos range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Also included in your subscription are tutorial videos on the key principles of Pilates and how to improve your technique.

Tailored Exercises

At Your Pilates Physio we are very keen to ensure you are doing the right video for you. The moment you sign up you are directed to a health questionnaire, the answers to these questions allow us to create a tailored programme of workouts specific to you. We will create your own programme that can be accessed anytime in your dashboard. We still allow you full access to all of our videos but we will warn you if a video isn’t suitable for your condition.

Track your progress

We have created workout sections to help you build strength and control to various parts of your body. The workouts contain videos in a sequence that will start at a level you can progress through to really see results. Move a workout section into your dashboard and track your progress, so you know exactly where you are and what to do next. Whether you want to focus on your hips, back, neck or shoulders or pick a workout that will compliment your running, swimming or golf swing we have everything you need!

PDF Downloads

To help build your confidence and practice with Pilates we have created over 30 downloadable PDFs of the Pilates exercises. Create your very own Pilates book, hand them out to friends or family or use them as and when you feel you want to check you are doing an exercise right.

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Ask Physiotherapist Lyndsay a question at anytime! We want you to get the most out of Your Pilates Physio website which is why Lyndsay is on hand to answer any clinical or technical questions you have. We want you to have the best experience you can using Your Pilates Physio so why not email Lyndsay a question now!

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