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We believe your health is priceless. Here at Your Pilates Physio we want you to have access to our growing library of exercise videos at an amazing price. Our pricing plans allow you unlimited access to the website at a cost cheaper than classes you might find in your local area! We have two pricing plans available to you to give you the flexibility that suits you.

Plan 1 - Pay Monthly

Plan 1 is our pay monthly option. For just £9.95 per month (that is just £2.30 per week!) you can have unlimited access to the website on a month to month basis. Experience new videos added regularly. This option gives you the flexibility to cancel at anytime.

Plan 2 - Annual

Plan 2 is our pay annually option. We have heavily discounted this option to give you unlimited access to our website for the whole year for £90. This is the equivalent of just £7.50 per month or £1.73 a week!! A one off cost so you don't have to worry about a monthly payment. You can still cancel this option but once payment is made no refund can be given.

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​Pay Monthly
£9.95 per month

For access to all of our videos at any time pay just £9.95 (only £2.30 per week!) with the opportunity to cancel your plan at any time.

Pay Monthly

​Pay Annually
£90 per year

For access to all of our videos for 12 months pay just £90 (only £1.73 per week!)

Pay Annually

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