Core stabilising exercises for back pain

Posted on 11/07/2019 by Lyndsay in Research

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Core stabilising exercises for back pain

Core Exercises for back pain

We don't just shout out about clinical Pilates for the fun of it...although it can be very fun! Core stability exercises for back pain do actually work at reducing pain! There is evidence to support what we are saying at Your Pilates Physio is correct. As a physiotherapist I have been nurtured into always applying evidence based practice into my clinical working. Just simply saying a treatment works is not enough for me to want to use it in my day to day practice.

What the research says

The research backs says that core stability retraining reduces back pain.

I like to share what the latest clinical research says about core stabilising exercises (or clinical Pilates). This article was published in August 2017. It assigned 120 people with non specific low back pain between the ages of 20 and 60 into two groups. One group performed core stability exercises and the other group performed routine physiotherapy exercises over a six week period. The study concluded that core stability exercises were more effective at reducing pain than the routine physiotherapy exercises. You can read the article here

Building strength and control in the stabilising muscles will take time and commitment but in six weeks you could be in significant less pain if you start today! I recommend doing one of my workouts 2-3 times per week. Start for the first six week with beginner videos then email me for advice about progression.


Why not try our workout 'core stabiliser-beginner' as a starting point!


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