Pilates Class Online

Posted on 11/07/2019 by Lyndsay in Recommendations

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Pilates Class Online

Pilates Class Online

The benefits to Pilates classes online are huge! How many of us have said 'I am going to join a Pilates class' but never actually get there? Do you even have a local Pilates class in your area? Do you have the time to travel to the class, do the class and travel home? How much time are you using by getting to and from a Pilates class? 


By having an online Pilates class you can do a class at a time that suits you, when you like, wherever you like! You don't need to worry about what you are wearing, what you look like or whether you are as flexible or as good as the person next to you. You can work at the level that suits you. The cost of online classes with Your Pilates Physio also means you can have access for as little as £1.73 a week! You wont find a Pilates class for that price! 


Benefits to Pilates classes online with Your Pilates Physio

1.We create you a tailored experience to suit your needs. When signing up to Your Pilates Physio, you will be directed to a health questionnaire. Here you can tell us what level you are, if you have done Pilates before or not. We also ask if you suffer with the following:

Ankylosing Spondylitis


Disc Prolapse/Herniation


Hip Impingement




Spinal Stenosis



Abdominal Surgery


Spinal Fixation

Total Hip Replacement

Total Knee Replacement


We also ask what you want to get our of your experience using Your Pilates Physio website and what level you are. This allow us to create a unique, tailored experience for you using our online Pilates class platform. Lyndsay's knowledge as a physiotherapist of over 16 years has allowed her to create workouts that are suitable for various problems/conditions. Please contact her if you would like more information.


2. Progressive workouts. We have created workout sections that you can move into your dashboard and follow the videos in sequence. The order we have created the videos is progressive to allow you to start with the basics and progress through the sessions.

3. Favourite a video. If you have found a particular video helpful, you can save it in your favourites. This will give you the opportunity to repeat the video again and again.

4. Unlimited email access to Lyndsay and her team. We offer support 7 days a week, if you have anything you need help with or would like some detailed physiotherapy advice from Lyndsay, we are here to help! 

5. Multiple camera angles! When filming we use 3 high definition cameras to capture footage at various angles to give you the ability to see exactly what position you should be in, how the exercise should look. The audio in the videos is also very descriptive to make sure you are constantly focusing on your position and what you should feel. 

6. Take Your Pilates Physio on holiday with you, do a workout in your hotel room if you work away, do a workout at work! The flexibility of online Pilates means you can do a workout wherever you like, whenever you like.

7. Pick an area to work on. Our workout sections have areas of the body you can focus on, so if you want to work at your glute strength we have a section for that! 

8. Feel confident that the videos have been designed and taught by an experienced physiotherapist.


To try our Pilates classes online free for 14 days register here

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