Pilates At Home

Posted on 09/07/2021 by Lyndsay in Recommendations Advice Tips & Guides

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Pilates At Home

Pilates At Home

One of the big challenges we all face with exercise is time so I want to give you some tips on how to fit workouts in during your busy life! Pilates at home has great benefits, you cut the travel time for one!


Here are my tips to stay motivated with home Pilates:

  1. Keep your exercise mat out where you would normally do your workouts, seeing the mat is always a good reminder to log on!
  2. Find a time of day that suits you. For some people that is first thing in the morning, yes getting out of bed can be a chore but just think how amazing your body is going to feel after one of my workouts! If evenings are better for you then perhaps before you have your evening meal might be better or even just before bed to relax your body and help you sleep. Lunchtime workout during work hours can help focus your mind for a productive afternoon.
  3. Set reminders in your phone to do a workout or how about writing it on your calendar? Some of us work better if it is scheduled in.
  4. Imagine it is an appointment, you are attending a physiotherapy session without having to leave home. Make it the same time every week and stick to that time as if you were going out to that appointment.
  5. Remember even if you only manage a short 10 minute video once a week that is better than not doing anything at all and your body is sure to benefit
  6. Don't worry about getting changed into your exercise clothes, nobody is going to see if you do a class in your pyjamas!
  7. Set reminders in your phone to do a workout, make it part of your diary. Don't forget we even have chair Pilates if escaping your desk isn't always possible.

Your Pilates Physio offers online Pilates at a time that is convenient to you!

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