The benefits to clinical Pilates with Your Pilates Physio

Posted on 19/07/2019 by Lyndsay in Recommendations

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The benefits to clinical Pilates with Your Pilates Physio

Pilates Online

Your Pilates Physio is the only website where you can access a growing library of online clinical Pilates classes, that have been designed and taught by experienced physiotherapist, Lyndsay Hirst.

Lyndsay's vision for the website was to offer a safe environment for anyone seeking exercises online to help with a particular problem.

"I have had many a patient visit my clinic who has sought help and advice online, including online Pilates classes. Unfortunately they have often made the problem worse. The online Pilates classes you might find on the internet such as YouTube or other subscription websites are very often fitness based Pilates with certain exercises I wouldn't dream of asking my patients to do!" - Lyndsay Hirst

Back Pain Relief

In the case of back pain, certain conditions require specific exercises to treat that problem. Lyndsay's knowledge allows her to tailor programmes based on those conditions and is able to deliver those exercises in her workout videos. Filling in our health questionnaire will allow us to tailor workouts specific to your problem.

Her style of teaching is very descriptive, her constant reinforcement of what position you should be in and what you should be feeling, allows for users to feel confident in their technique. Lyndsay is always at the end of an email with advice and help for anyone who needs it. The camera angles used during the filming of the workouts have been carefully selected to give you the best idea of what you should be doing.

Working out online with Your Pilates Physio gives you the convenience of doing clinical Pilates in the comfort of your own home, work, hotel room or anywhere! Sometimes getting out to a class can be a chore or even impossible depending on where you are, a physiotherapy led Pilates class can be even tricker to find!

Cost per class is another reason to subscribe to Your Pilates Physio. Subscribing to our annual plan will cost you as little as £2.50 per week!! You certainly wont find a class that cheap! Especially not a physiotherapy led Pilates class!

All our workouts are 30 minutes to give you the flexibility of doing one if you are short on time or perhaps double up and do two if you want a longer workout. 30 minute workouts will get you the results without eating into your busy day.

Even if you already attend classes, having access to Your Pilates Physio can be a great way to help you improve your technique at home.

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