What is Pilates?

Posted on 11/07/2019 by Lyndsay in Advice Tips & Guides

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What is Pilates?

What is Pilates?

You might have heard Pilates is good for you, but what is Pilates? Pilates is simply the best thing you could ever do! Pilates is a mat based exercise form that teaches you how to use your stabilising muscles to control movement. It involves a series of exercises to work various parts of your body to build strength and stability from head to toe! Making it a great whole body workout. 

You learn to work from your 'centre' or core. Engaging the deepest abdominal muscle forms the foundation for perfect movement. Working the core muscle isn't possible without good posture and position, therefore posture correction plays a big role in Pilates too. You will always finish one of my Pilates workouts taller than when you started! By working this way you will gradually see an improvement in your posture as the strength improves in the postural muscles.

Think of Pilates as working the deep inner core muscles, the ones often neglected by other forms of exercise. Pilates very specifically targets these muscles.

How to perform a Pilates exercise

Performing a Pilates exercise involves you engaging the 'core' muscle in a posture neutral position, then challenging your control by moving the limbs. You are instructed to maintain your core contraction and hold your spine in the neutral position. Various muscles will then work together to control your spinal position. You will work in different positions on the mat to challenge different areas.

Lateral breathing is an important component of Pilates, not only does the diaphragm form part of the cylinder of core muscles that all work together but the breathing allows you to concentrate on your body (another key principle of Pilates) and gives you a sense of relaxation! Allowing you to feel the benefits of exercising the mind as well as the body! Win win!

Be Warned...it is addictive!

Once you start to feel how amazing Pilates makes your body and mind feel, you will crave more! You will also think to yourself I wish Id have started sooner!


If you have never done Pilates before start with my beginner workouts on a FREE 14 day trial, let me know how you get on!

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