Clinical Pilates

Posted on 09/07/2021 by Lyndsay in Recommendations Advice Tips & Guides

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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in some very specific ways. Clinical Pilates is a modified version of Pilates that is better suited to those with back pain. There are certain traditional Pilates exercises that have been modified or even eliminated in the clinical Pilates method. My experience as a physiotherapists allows me to draw upon the clinical knowledge I have for certain spinal pathologies and know which specific exercises are going to best suit that individual. I also know from spending 17 years analysing movement patterns of those with back pain, which direction and muscle slings require the most attention. I see daily in my clinic the movement compensations my patients present with and common areas of restriction. I create clinical Pilates workouts based on my experience over 17 years.

History of Pilates

Pilates was created by a German gentleman by the name of Joseph Pilates. Born in 1883, he was thought to have had a sickly childhood, suffering from diseases such as asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. He later overcame these diseases to become a professional gymnast.

In the latter part of the first world war Joseph Pilates worked in a hospital assisting those unable to walk by creating exercise regimes to assist in their recovery. He attached springs to their beds to help build strength in their limbs.

In the 1920's Pilates opened his first studio in New York with his wife Clara. It was here that they taught their 'body conditioning' exercises which became extremely popular particularly amongst dancers recovering from injury. Pilates is now practiced and taught all over the world.

How Clinical Pilates has evolved

Clinical Pilates is a method of specific exercises that have been adapted from the traditional Pilates method by physiotherapists with the input of evidence based medicine. The evidence based knowledge of physiotherapists allows us to create exercises specific to peoples individual needs. There are some traditional Pilates exercises that would not be suitable for certain back conditions, we have been able to create exercises that are more rehab specific. My clinical Pilates workouts have been designed based on what I see in my day to day practice as a physiotherapist. They are a safe and effective way to treat back pain. We offer clinical online Pilates and support via email from an expert physiotherapist. They are also popular amongst sporting profession as way of preventing injury. Clinical Pilates is an amazing way to look after your body as well as having the added benefit of relaxing the mind! Why not try a workout for free today!

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