What is causing my hip pain?

Posted on 11/07/2019 by Lyndsay in Recommendations Advice Tips & Guides

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What is causing my hip pain?

Hip pain

Lots of people I see in my clinic with hip pain very often have the same fear, that their hip pain is arthritis! Whist sometimes that is the case, often there are other causes of hip pain.

The location and description of the hip pain can be a great clue as to what is causing the pain. Also how the pain started can also help the investigation.

Pain in the groin

Pain felt deep along the groin that has started gradually does tend to indicate a joint problem and therefore could be arthritis of the hip. Other big clues that your hip pain is arthritis is a reduction in movement. People will describe an inability to put socks on or to bend down to fasten shoes, this is due to the joint stiffening. Other causes of groin pain can be referred from the lower back, pelvis, labral tears, hernias or muscular. There are other causes of non musculoskeletal groin pain that would need medical assessment from your GP.

Pain on the side of the hip

Pain felt on the side of the hip or over the greater trochanter (greater trochanteric pain syndrome) can be a sign of irritation of the trochanteric bursae. Symptoms can be aggravated by activity such as walking or lying on the painful side. The bursae can become inflamed due to repetitive friction from activity. The structures surround it may not be functioning well to support the pelvic and hip joint during movement, weakness around the hip joint will contribute to the problem.

Pain in the buttock

Pain felt in the buttock is very often not directly related to the hip joint. Causes of buttock pain can be referral from the lower back, pelvis and piriformis syndrome.

How can I ease my hip pain?

Hip pain from any of the above can be eased a number of ways. Exercise could be the answer to completely resolving your pain, stretching the hip joint and muscles around the hip joint will give you some relief. Strengthening the muscles that support the hip and pelvis will most certainly help the pain! There is only you that can look after your body, there is no need to rely on pain medication or injections! Do you really want to see yourself in front of the orthopaedic hip surgeon?! Our hip and groin workouts have been designed to build the strength and support your hips need to reduce pain and improve function. Acupuncture, pain medication and injections can also have their benefits but trust me clinical Pilates is the one thing you can do yourself to ease your pain!


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