How To Relieve Back Pain At Home

Posted on 17/10/2020 by Lyndsay in Recommendations Advice Tips & Guides

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How To Relieve Back Pain At Home

How To Relief Back Pain At Home

Back pain is extremely common! It can be quite alarming and worrying when it strikes. Acting quick can ease your symptoms quickly and prevent your back pain developing into more of a problem. Most back pain can be eased at home with the advice in this article, however if you are experiencing any of the following you will need to seek urgent medical attention:

1. Bladder/bowel disturbance (urinary retention, sudden loss of control)

2. Saddle Anaesthesia (altered sensation in the genital area)

4. Bilateral leg symptoms of sudden onset (pain, pins and needles, numbness)

If in doubt always speak to a medical professional. If your back pain has come on as a result of trauma such as a fall it is advisable to seek medical attention. If your back pain doesn't ease seek the advice of a medical professional.

Ease Back Pain At Home

First things first don't panic, the pain you are experiencing is only temporary and will ease. Movement is key to quick relief. My suggestions would be to start with some pelvic tilting. Either standing or sitting (whichever is most comfortable) place your hands on your pelvis, gently tilt your pelvis forwards and back. Tuck your tailbone under, then arch your back. Repeat this multiple times and continue to use this exercise throughout the day (as often as every hour).

Once you feel more comfortable try some other back movements such as arching back (either standing or laying on your tummy). You can also try sitting with your hands on your lap, curling your back into a round shape, then back again. Repeating up to ten times. If you are able to lay on your back with your knees bent you can try pelvic tilting in this position and also try rolling your knees side to side.

Heat will also really benefit any muscle spasm you have so make sure you regularly use a hot water bottle on your back.

Keep active, movement is better than anything else you can do. Walk around, don't spend too long in one position. Spend your time moving around, gentle back exercises and heat. Your pain should start to ease fairly quickly (it may take a couple of days but you should see the improvements steadily over time).

How Pilates Can Reduce Your Episodes of Back Pain

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