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How do you recommend videos?

When you sign up to your 14 day free trail you will be directed to a health questionnaire. If you have any specific problems such as a disc prolapse, spinal stenosis etc please let us know. Based on your answers we can recommend certain videos that would be best suited to that problem. There are specific exercises that we recommend you avoid and specific exercises that would really help treat certain conditions. You can also let us know on the questionnaire what you want to work on if you have more of a general problem such as; help with back pain, help with hip pain, improve my posture. That way we can include workouts in your recommended section that are more tailored to what your goals are.

We still strongly advise that you seek advice from your health care provider if you have any health conditions before starting any videos.

You will still have access to all the videos in the video library. Please contact Lyndsay if you would like any advice on any problems you have lyndsay@yourpilatesphysio.com

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