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What is the difference between traditional Pilates and clinical Pilates?

The type of Pilates Your Pilates Physio teaches is very much an adapted version of Pilates. In clinical Pilates you learn to control a 'neutral spine' position and engage your inner core muscles rather than zipping and hollowing the abdominals.

Traditional Pilates tends to use an abdominal bracing technique and imprinting the spine therefore loosing the idea of maintaining a neutral spine.

Research shows that imprinting the spine actually switches off the transverse abdominus muscle (the deep abdominal muscle) and gives you an activation of the superficial abdominal muscles. It is the transverse abdominus muscle that weakens with back pain. This muscle actually attaches to the spine. Doing clinical Pilates targets the deep abdominal muscle that support the spine

Our method is highly researched and we use a kinetic control approach to retraining movement.

As an experienced physiotherapist I understand normal movement patterns and how abnormal movement patterns can occur as a result of pain and dysfunction. My clinical Pilates classes will help correct abnormal movement patterns and teach you how to control spinal movements to prevent future episodes of pain. The sessions will help build confidence with movement and allow you to carry that over to normal functional tasks.

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